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In simplicity lies power. Import existing templates with only one click and edit as you please. Spend less time on your email marketing plan and more time connecting with your audience.

No code required
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Follow your live data with our dashboard. You can find all information regarding your e-mails’ stats in one place. Improving your campaigns has never been this easy!

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Contact management has never before been this straightforward. Manage your audiences with a few simple clicks and let our system do the work for you.

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We developed a unique email marketing system that’s not only effective, but also incredibly simple to use. Your days of intricate coding for hours are over. With our system, you can build the most beautiful email campaigns hassle-free: our drag-and-drop system does all the work for you. No tags are necessary to achieve your optimal results. All HTML-codes are easily implemented and edited with just a few clicks.

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What our customers say

In only 2 months, we added more than 25,000 names to our email list using DynamicXX management system. We strongly recommend it!

John Do Zoë Berry Entrepreneur

I can't say enough about how great DynamicXX has been for our company: from its ability to drip content, to the great support ... and more.

John Do Edgar Marius Webmaster

Having tried most ESPs for clients over the years, DynamicXX stands out as a great combination of rich features but easy to use.

John Do Abimbola Mariëtte CEO & Management

Not only is the code good & clean but the system is easy to use, the support great and the management is easy enough to use that our whole team can manage our users and emails.

John Do Diana Judith Business strategist

I really enjoyed working with DynamicXX. As we didn't have the time to build our email designs, the system automatically do it. Working with their system was really simple.

John Do Anikó Bertók Systems analyst

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